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Everyone Falls On Hard Times...

Depression, anxiety, and anger are common human conditions. Though common, this does not make these conditions any less severe--mental health is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of adult life. The human spirit is amazingly resilient, so when the burden gets to be too much to carry alone, a licensed mental health expert can serve as an invaluable resource for supervision and healing. As a licensed mental health professional working in Houston and Bellaire, Texas, Anthony R. Morris provides clinical supervision and psychotherapy services for depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, relationship problems, and compassion fatigue.



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Why Choose Anthony:

Anthony is one of the most highly qualified psychotherapists and clinical supervision specialists providing mental health services in the Houston, Texas area. He is a highly skilled psychodynamic, cognitive, and clinical group psychotherapist with many years of training. He truely believes that anyone, regardless of background, can overcome difficult mental health circumstances, be understood, be accepted without judgment, engage in meaningful relationships, and create a life worth living. The human spirit enables us to thrive in the face of insurmountable odds.  

As a therapist, he can attest that life sometimes becomes unmanageable and the help of family, friends, and professionals can get us through difficult times. There is no shame in seeking clinical supervision, professional services, or reaching out to others if you are facing mental health issues.  Everyone receives counsel but not everyone receives good counsel!

Social Work and Mental Health Supervision/Consultation You Can Depend On...

Anthony offers individual services at his part-time private practice in Houston, outside of Bellaire, Texas. As a board approved Clinical Soical Work Supervisor, he specializes in group supervision to Licensed Master Social Work professionals pursuing their Clinical Social Work licensure and provides consultation to mental health professionals seeking to enhance their theraputic skills.