Anthony offers professional, sensitive psychotherapy tailored to meet your unique needs. He provides both short and long term psychotherapy utilizing a variety of treatment methods. Treatment may be short-term (six months or less) or long-term depending upon the complexity of your recovery needs and ability to invest in your treatment.

     Anthony has over 20 years of experience helping clients with relationship difficulties, anxiety disorders, anger management problems, depression,low self-esteem, trauma, and many other issues. He assists each person in developing a life worth living and in coping more effectively with the psychological distress that can impede one's ability to live a satisfying life.
Anger is often a feeling that is a blanket for others feelings we are not in touch with such as depression, sadness, helplessness, rejection, disrespect, etc. Anger management therapy often helps individuals explore events, thoughts, and feelings that contribute to anger and a loss of control. Anger dyscontrol can be very addictive and often helps one get his or her needs met through hostility and aggression. Through individual therapy, Anthony would like to help you learn more assertive ways to express thoughts, feelings, and actions. Hopefully, through our work, you will learn more effective ways to assertively negotiate your needs in ways that both parties feel mutually understood and validated. Although parties may feel mutually understood, it doesn't mean that both parties will agree. Sometimes therapy is about learning communication skills that promote agreeing to disagree with mutual respect.

     The goal of anger management psychotherapy is to help individuals learn how to control their feelings effectively and avoid environments, situations, and people that trigger their anger. One of the cornerstones of coping more effectively with anger is learning that "forgiveness is the gift that you give yourself" to move forward in life and let go of resentments. Depending on the extent of one's anger,anger management psychotherapy from a cognitive behavioral approach can help with managing thoughts and feelings within 10 to 16 sessions

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