Anthony offers professional, sensitive psychotherapy tailored to meet your unique needs. He provides both short and long term psychotherapy utilizing a variety of treatment methods. Treatment may be short-term (six months or less) or long-term depending upon the complexity of your recovery needs and ability to invest in your treatment. 

     Anthony has over 20 years of experience helping clients with relationship difficulties, anxiety disorders, anger management problems, depression,low self-esteem, trauma, and many other issues. He assists each person in developing a life worth living and in coping more effectively with the psychological distress that can impede one's ability to live a satisfying life.
Anthony's desire is to bring hope, growth and healing to those seeking help and restoration of relationships of all types - romantic, marital, sibling, professional, social, and family. Perhaps you're looking for solutions to problems that haven't improved with past efforts or life has thrown you a curveball and you are struggling to adjust. Or maybe you're just seeking relief from feeling overwhelmed by relationship conflict or emotional pain that time has not healed. Whatever the case may be, Anthony is here to help.

     A major goal of psychotherapy is to help individuals improve the quality of their relationships and learn how to perceive or relate to others differently; this results in greater satisfaction in personal relationships. An integral part of psychotherapy involves helping to improve the way we relate to others while breaking free of old patterns and realizing our potential. In addition, psychotherapy enhances self-respect and liking oneself; the most important ingredients of any good relationship. If either of these elements are in short supply, you may consider psychotherapy to address them. Any relationship that diminishes a person's self-esteem should be examined closely.

     With regard to couples, maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship requires hard work, commitment and a willingness to learn skills such as communication and compromise. When one or both individuals lack the skills to maintain the relationship, but want to repair it, the couple may seek professional assistance. While couples therapy may be beneficial for some, one or both partners' interpersonal problems stemming from abandonment or rejection can make couple's work especially challenging. A longstanding inability to sustain a relationship may be the result of abandonment and rejection and can make intimacy and commitment very frightening. If the aforementioned description fits your unique situation, psychotherapy may help you to clarify your needs and achieve a rewarding and fulfilling relationship.

Symptoms of relationship problems may include but are not limited to:

  • Repetitive, destructive patterns at work or home
  • Problematic, recurrent situations also known as "here we go again" situations
  • Feeling bullied or manipulated
  • Feelings of being held back for no apparent reason
  • Limiting one's social life for fear of the consequences
  • Feeling like you are in a codependent relationship and "can't let go"
  • Other psychological distress.
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